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The Dendri Founding User program is for engaged leaders in the legal industry that see the potential to change the game with Dendri. You get a version of Dendri built to your needs rather than trying to adapt your work to an existing monolith.

You are the Architect

When you invest as a founding user, we set the scope of your needs and build the features that you need to augment Dendri as your perfect solution. As a Founding User, you'll get exactly the tool you need, without having to wait for a feature request to finally be implemented.

Light up your work

As a founding user, your firm will have its own private Dendri environment. You'll still be included in feature updates and maintenance releases, but you'll have your own sub-domain login and dedicated server resources.

Let us introduce you

Work directly with our developers to drive cutting edge features. See your needs met with the only platform that already gets you 90% of the way to what you need. Get one-on-one scope planning, design feedback, and implementation. It's like building your own app for a fraction of the time and the benefit of an existing backbone.

At your service

Don’t reinvent the wheel — Dendri is here to help you be the best business you can be. We’ll connect you to developers with expert insights, and give you access to our beta builds and new features first. You’ll find that it’s easier to get better together.

Build it For You

Dendri's founding user program is a customization plan to allow firms to drive specific features that might not otherwise be on our roadmap. With an initial investment, consistent with the scope and needs of the build, Dendri can be customized beyond its current feature set. The firm gets an app that does exactly what it needs, and Dendri as a whole improves with the addition of innovative features.

In addition to dream big customization, Dendri will also be deployed to a dedicated environment, exclusively for the use of the firm. This provides security beyond most multi-tenant applications and lets the firm control its own destiny, including the addition of features that may not be added to the primary Dendri app.

Founding User Stories

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