Become a Dendri Founding User 🏆

Design your own Dendri experience.

Dendri is a new product built by an attorney who was trying to solve a gap he could not longer fix with existing tools. Our early users are our partners. We're not shy about bugs or building new features quickly. When you use Dendri you are helping build the product you need. Reach out and have a chat with the founder and have an actual say in making Dendri the product you need!

You are the Architect

Want to be more involved? Our team is open to working with you on a custom scope for big features you need that we don't have (yet). Depending on the project, you design the features, we end up with the product you need, and you end up with equity in Dendri in addition to the workflow that didn't exist until you helped us build it.

Your own Island

As part of a custom scope and plan, your account will be on an individual server, separate from other Dendri users. This helps us test your unique features before adding them to Dendri, and, you gain an additional layer of security. The costs to run your unique version are considered in a scoping based on your firm size, case volume and support needs. You'll still be included in general feature updates and maintenance releases, but you'll have your own sub-domain and resources. (This unique structure is also available to firms who do not want a custom scope as a separate service).

Let us introduce you

Work directly with our team to drive cutting edge features. See your needs met with the only platform that already gets you 90% of the way. Get one-on-one scope planning, design feedback, and implementation. It's like building your own app for a fraction of the time and cost.

Own your stack

Don’t reinvent the wheel — Dendri is here to help you be the best business you can be. When you look at the costs of consulting services that specialize in getting round pegs into square holes just so you can rent the solution you've paid for, you'll probably come to the same decision Dendri's founder did. Get a quote on a custom build, own your stack, and work with other lawyers trying to solve our problems not the needs of VC funds.

Build it For You

Dendri's founding user program is, in one sense, an angel investment. In another, it is an offer to help bootstrap a product that will impact you directly right away.

By investing in a custom scope, we gain up front resources to dedicate to development on features that might fall outside our regular roadmap, or to prioritize ones that are, but further down the road then you need.

You get to own what you helped build on your own server without recurring fees to Dendri, covering only the costs to keep your system running.