Pricing Starts at $30.00 per user/Dendri is also available for one-time purchase

Pricing is for new users as of Jan. 1, 2023 is $30.00 per user.

Dendri's Standard pricing is $30.00 per user with a minimum charge of $60.00 per firm (effectively $60.00 for the first user and $30.00 for each user) throughout our beta. Firms of more than 6 users with large case volumes may be billed at a higher rate as agreed, and annual plans as well as non-profit and law school discounts are also available.

Our demo is free for 30 days without a credit card, and we offer one-one-one demos to see if Dendri is a good fit. Custom onboarding and design is available separately, but many teams can be taught how to set up their workflows independently. Our goals are covering our costs and building a great product.

If you are at the end of your demo, and didn't have a chance to really test Dendri (we're practicing attorneys too!). Then, before entering any payment info, please contact us, and let us 1) help, and 2) extend your demo.

We built Dendri to make our own practice agile and efficient. We believe it can help you too - let us show you how!

Learn More

More info about our pricing and billing can be found at

The most up to date information will always be on that page. We may update our pricing, but we will not change customer pricing without fair and human notice as we're doing above, learn more about our pricing update for next year by following the link (we're practicing lawyers too and have dealt with all the same sales calls and upsells you have. We want to run a product that kicks butt, does what we need and pays for itself).

We also provide paid onboarding and customization that can be discussed based on your needs (this can include one on one time with our attorney-founder to provide an additional layer of confidentiality).

Buy, Don't Rent

As an attorney-built platform, we understand the pain of managing multiple subscriptions. It can be difficult to build around an expense that may grow as your firm does, and may be subject to our business needs as our platform grows.

That's why we also offer Dendri as a deployment for a one-time purchase. This is obviously more expensive than subscribing on a per-user basis, but the cost is offset by the permanency. Your only ongoing costs would be your own hosting fees to maintain your cloud instance, and that does not have to be through us (in fact, while we have recommendations, we would not maintain this account).

If you chose to upgrade to new features in the future, utilize our support, or pay for customization, those would be billed based on an agreed scope of work.

We've all been stuck in the loop of SAAS monthly subscriptions for too long. It makes sense for a company like Dendri to show constant growth and future value *solely* for the purposes of acquisition. But, Dendri is a small project built by a law firm to solve our own needs. This frees us to not be focused on an 'exit," and that makes life easier.

If you're interested in a one-time purchase and deployment of Dendri, reach out. It's impossible to provide a price that works for everyone as there are simply too many variables that could impact your needs in setting up the platform.