Dendri is not a Saas

While you can sign up for and use our base app free for 30 days and then $30.00 per month per user with a minimum charge of $60.00 for small firms, this is useful only to get a general feel for an application that doesn't yet know what you need. It may also be useful for clio users who just want a simple task management extension.

Instead, Dendri operates on a hybrid agency/service model. When you work with us we take the time to understand your firm and your needs. Based on this discovery work, we provide you a scoped investment to build a product that does exactly what you need, and the ability to support your success into the future.

When you build on top of Dendri for your firm, you own the output. After our initial contract and any agreed onboarding, you can choose to renew support with us, or decide not to. You pay only your own direct costs to maintain your server and resources and are free to deploy your instance of Dendri in any other environment.

As an attorney-founder, I was personally frustrated by the "death by a thousand subscriptions" we're constantly forced to contend with. You lose the tax benefits of owning your stack, and you are reliant on a third-party to protect your data. That's why I built Dendri in the first place.

After years of selling Dendri as a subscription, the one thing I learned is that each firm has extremely unique needs, and no subscription app will ever be able to put all of those features on its roadmap. So, we offer a partnership model to build what you need without an ongoing commitment, and without the risk that someday we'll go out of business or decide to delete your account if you miss a monthly payment. We think this is a better model, and it frees us to consult on other apps and tools that might help your firm grow. It's not for everyone, and if you just want a simple task management app that you pay monthly for, the Dendri platform and service may not be a great fit. It is a meaningful investment to build the right tool for your firm, but the end-product will be one that actually does what you need.

If it does sound like my vision aligns with yours - reach out. We'd love to talk.