Work Together, Not the Same.

We’ve helped multiple law firms build diverse and collaborative workflows across multiple practice areas. Let’s explore how Dendri can work for you.
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Get started in a snap.

From day one, your team will love the simplicity of Dendri. Customize your workflow, collaborate, and achieve ambitious outcomes. The only limit is your imagination.

Make Dendri your own.

Customizing Dendri to your workflows is as simple as filling out a few fields. As part of onboarding we can walk you through how to set up the boards, checklists and automations you need to supercharge your productivity.

Celebrate your Differences

Dendri is built to empower you and your team to organize your work individually, while still collaborating on the same, reliable workflow. We do this by giving you the ability to group all of your tasks across your matters on a personal dashboard, or a team so that you can focus on the right work at the right time.

Get more from your existing tools

Streamline your workflow with our powerful integration with Clio.

24/7 Customer Support

Our team is here to provide you with personalized and outstanding product walkthrough and consultation to find out how Dendri can help your business.

Self-learning Center

Whether you’re just getting started with the platform, or you’ve been using Dendri for some time. We now offer a range of self-learning tools in our Onboarding Series.

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Dendri is free to use for 30 days for teams of any size.


Work Together, Not the Same!