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Hey Clio fans! Interested in the Dendri integration but not sure what it's about?

Dendri offers the only solution in the market to turn your Clio matters and tasks into beautiful kanban boards with a seamless two-way sync.

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Get to know Dendri a little more

Dendri is a visual Kanban-board style project management software designed with Clio users in mind, and aims at augmenting the Clio experience by adding powerful task management to your Clio workflow.

Empowered and aligned teams

Dendri gives Clio users a powerful way to manage tasks with their team. Once you sync a matter, all data and tasks are connected. Now, you can create a task in Clio and then set up an automated flow through our powerful kanban boards – assign multiple users, design a workflow, comment and discuss, add attachments you can preview, organize with labels, and, when you finally move that task to the done column, it will be marked complete in Clio!

Quick and easy setup

Sync your Clio matters to Dendri and back in real-time with one click sync. Choose which matters to sync, see all of your tasks for all matters on a personal customized dashboard, add context and additional users to your tasks – with zero coding involved.  Add matter statuses and take advantage of a board view for your matters as well!  See the overall and global health of your cases at every stage. 

Group Tasks into Team to Save Time

In addition to powering up your matter tasks, you can assign tasks to multiple users and to a team like “brief writing,” “medical records requests,” or “trial prep,” so all of the same kind of work can be organized and handled in bulk by the right group across matters.  Group medical records requests by provider and call on a dozen clients with one call! 

1. Choose your matters

Select and authorize the matters you want to sync.

2. Configure your flow

Add columns to your board to set up your process (or build custom board types, to add an entire kanban board to a matter with a few clicks). Add automation to trigger new tasks, or add deadlines, pass a task to a different user based on conditions.

3. Let it sync!

Set it and forget it, Dendri will take over from here keeping your matters, contacts and tasks linked. Finish your work in Dendri and Clio will be automatically updated.

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