Reimagine the way your team works on Dendri.

Align your teams around a single source of truth with real-time data from different sources. Point. Click. Stay in Sync.

Our Kanban board cards are stacked in your favor

With the Dendri Kanban view, you can visualize your workflow on a board of stacked cards. Click and drag to move or reorder cards between different stacks, or within a stack. You can even reorder the stacks themselves, or create a new stack directly from your Kanban view. Get more done—individually and as a team

Projects keep veering off course? Let Gantt be your guide.

Unlike Gantt software that specializes in just one kind of visualization, Dendri's Gantt block lives in the same place where your team does the rest of its work. Maybe you love Kanban Boards, but another team member prefers Gantt Charts—meanwhile, all your boss wants is a high-level dashboard. With Dendri, everyone can focus on just the projects that matter to them, in their preferred format.

Pull in matters from Clio in a snap

Dendri offers the only solution in the market to turn your Clio matters and tasks into beautiful kanban boards with a seamless two-way real-time sync.

Prepare your most used legal documents in seconds

Pull from case records with one click. Use Custom Fields to take information from your case records and drop it into templates automatically. Integrate with a variety of form libraries made for your practice area or jurisdiction.

Dig into your most important data in one place

Record details needed for your firm's processes in custom contact data fields. Get a quick overview of your clients and contacts. See their relationships and connected matters. The more you know about your contacts, the better you can meet and exceed their expectations.

Stay on top of deadlines with Calendar View

Keep tabs on your firm’s schedule. Each user in your firm can create, view unlimited calendars for firm-wide meetings, intake appointments, or specific dates, and collaborate with team members to keep everyone on the same page.

Put Automations to work for you.

Help your team go faster and focus on what matters by automating your processes in Dendri and beyond. As simple or complex as you need, build a multi-sequence workflow through trigger and action logic.

You have questions? We have answers.

Legal Operations teams use Dendri to manage many of their own processes and workflows, as well as to connect work happening across teams. Because Dendri is flexible and completely customizable, you can use it to do just about anything your team needs. Many law firms use Dendri to manage their cases or marketing initiatives as a starting point because it’s easy to group and filter data about each case to see what’s most important to you. Teams also choose Dendri for goal tracking, as well as project management so they can plan, execute, and track progress all from one place.


Dendri works with individuals and teams ranging from 1 to 500 employees across numerous different industries, each with unique needs and use cases. We’ve found that user-based pricing is the best way to effectively serve such a diverse customer base.

Keeping our clients' data secure is an absolute top priority. Dendri is hosted entirely on Digital Ocean, providing end-to-end security and built-in privacy features. For more information, visit

We're happy to give you some more time. Just let us know and we'll give you extended trial period

We understand moving to a new system is a daunting task. We provide unlimited training including free one-on-one and group training to help your firm in the transition. 

Your data is always yours. If you have a career's worth of cases or you're just starting out, reach out to us to help import your existing files. Our dedicated database migration team will offload your data import from other applications, or you can keep using your current practice management solution and integrate with Dendri to power up your ability to get work done.

Build an incredible workflow today

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