Coming in early 2020:
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What is Dendri

A new way to mangage your client journey from the first call to the final "thank you."


Begin your client journey from the first phone call. Automate follow ups, build a relationship, and get single-click sales support for new campaigns

Case Management

From a bird's eye view of every activity in a case to customizable multi-step automation. Streamline your processes to improve service and eliminate errors.

Integrated Communications

Automatically generate important documents, send client emails on a schedule and share notes, documents and messages directly with your clients in one place

Fully Custom Analytics

Know where your cases are coming from and how well your office is handling them. Any data point can be a report

On-demand workforce support

With the flip of a switch add an answering service, outsource medical records requests, or send leads to a sales team for qualifications. Add and remove support as your business grows.

Built for growth

Each tool has been built on a solid data backend that will let you do more with the tools you have. As your practice grows, workflows can easily be added to accommodate new practice areas.

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